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Hi there.

We are Alex and Corban, from A&C Homestore and formally known as the winners of The Block NZ 2014

We are a family of 3, with one more on the way building a home in Beach Haven, Auckland.

It’s been a long journey for us to even get to have consent issued for our site, and gee whiz have we got a few stories for you to follow about our build and design.

We hope you will join us on our journey and we hope you might be able to learn something from us along the way.




This house journey for us has been a long one.

We first had plans that we would be built and in the house by October 2016!!! But this has not been a straight forward journey in any way, with a major battle for three and a half years with North Shore and Auckland City Council who made it evident that they will not allow innovation or new and proven structural engineering in residential building.

We have had a lot of time on our hands to focus on getting the design right, employing new and unique products and methods to hopefully end up with a very well performing home and beautifully designed inside and out.

With our journal we will share some key up’s and down’s of this build, and of course some tips and tricks we have learnt along the way

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The design of this house has been a long journey. First faced with major limitations on the site and how we could make a family home work was our first hurdle, and then dealing with the limitations of Auckland Council to allow us to use innovative design and build methods was the next. We got there in the end, with Fraser Horton designing a beautiful form for us to follow.




Follow us over on ‘alexandcorban’ on Instagram for the latest updates on our progress and snippets on how we as a family are dealing with the project.




As we complete the house project we will be so excited to show you the final reveal, ROOM BY ROOM!

For now, feel free to browse through our Room by Room plans and inspirations