DESIGN inspiration

Before we did any actual designing, we gathered a bunch of inspiration from Pinterest, Magazines and Architectural/designer blogs to help us define the look and feel of the house before we even started talking to the Architect. 

This stage in building should be one of the first things that we suggest anyone do, and is so essential! 

You really need to be sure you know what you like and don't like before you talk with your architect, and through creating Pinterest and mood boards you will get an understanding of reoccuring styles, colours, shapes and textures that you like to assist the architect in being able to accommodate your preferences.




It’s important prior to your planning with the Architect to understand what your overall look and feel is that you are attracted to! Here are some of our initial sources of inspiration that helped guide the Architect


We have decided to go with a beautiful cedar from Rosenfeld Kidson & Co. With a slim profile of 75 mm on the garage portion of the house, and a wider profile of 110 mm on the main body of the house. Using two stains that are quite dark, but will be contrasted beautifully by the lush green bush that surrounds the house.


Right from the beginning, Alex has been adamant that a ‘Stone Wall’ would be a prominent part of the house design, both externally and internally. We have done lot’s of research on types of stone and rock walls and how to make it reasonably affordable.



The interior design of the house has been heavily inspired by our local surroundings. Being placed in the bush and taking the textural inspiration from the stone and clay cliffs at the local beach. Texture and colour scheme to work in the natural environment have been super important to get right.

kitchen design


As the heart of the home, the Kitchen design is the central room of the house. We wanted to make a feature with coloured cabinetry and textured surfaces

colour inspiration

Deciding on a colour palette prior to making all of your design decisions is an absolute must-do! We were inspired by our local Island Bay surroundings to help draw together our final interior colour palette